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New Patient Center at Prescott Valley Eye Care, PC

If you’re planning on paying your first-ever visit to Prescott Valley Eye Care, PC — congratulations! You can look forward to experiencing the highest standard of care and attention from our optometrist in Prescott Valley, Dr. Courtright. Even so, we realize that the first appointment at any optometry or medical office can seem like a confusing or even intimidating prospect. That’s why we’ve set up this information page and other features on this website to help you enjoy the smoothest sailing possible in preparation for your visit. Take a moment to examine this material and get yourself acquainted with our New Patient Center.

Online Forms Make Everything Easier

When you have an initial appointment with a health professional, it’s necessary to fill out certain forms that provide us with the data we need to serve you properly. These forms include not only basic contact information but also details about your medical history, previously diagnosed vision problems, and any current vision issues you may be experiencing. But if you don’t relish the thought of spending extra time in our waiting room filling out all this information, you’ll be delighted to know that you can download the forms you on the Online Forms page of this website. Simply download the forms that pertain to you, print them out, fill in the required information, and then either fax them to us or bring them with you.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

During the appointment itself, our experienced staff will start out by administering a series of simple, painless tests that check your eye function, refraction, and other basics. Our Prescott Valley optometrist will then meet you, review your information, and chat with you about your current state of vision. Your eyes may be dilated as part of a detailed ocular health exam. This allows us to see most of the inside of the eye, enabling us to confirm suspected tumors, retinal problems, and other issues. Vision testing (using an eye chart) helps us determine whether you need an updated corrective lens prescription.

Payment Options

Our Prescott Valley optometrist believes that everyone should be able to get the eye care they need to promote a lifetime of optimal vision. That’s why we make a point of accepting many different kinds of vision insurance, including Avesis vision plans and TriWest Healthcare Alliance. We’re also proud to offer the CareCredit credit card program to make out-of-pocket costs easier to shoulder. You may even be able to use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through your employer for any non-covered expenses.

Call Our Optometrist in Prescott Valley Today!

We hope this information has helped you get ready for your first appointment with our optometrist in Prescott Valley — but don’t be afraid to bring any other issues you may have to us directly. Call (928) 218-2020 to learn more about Prescott Valley Eye Care, PC and get the answers to all your questions!

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