Mel Clack Fund

The Mel Clack Fund is a charity designed to help low-income residents of Yavapai County get eye exams and eyeglasses at no cost to them. The Mel Clack Fund has residency and income requirements that must be met to qualify for the benefit. Yavapai adult (19+ years of age) residents who have qualified for Arizona’s Medicaid program AHCCS are automatically qualified for Mel Clack Fund benefits. The Mel Clack fund will pay for an eye exam and select frame and single vision lined bifocal or trifocal clear lenses in plastic.

If medical or surgical care is needed, the Mel Clack Fund will work in conjunction with:

  • Medicare
  • Any other Private Insurance

Eye Exams, Glasses, and More for Free

If you need an exam, glasses or have known eye problems and have difficulty paying for these services and products, please fill out the Mel Clack Fund application (PDF) below and bring it to any participating eye clinic in Yavapai like Prescott Valley Eye Care. If you qualify for ACCHS, please stop by Prescott Valley Eye Care with a photo ID and your ACCHS card. We will have you fill out a one-page information form in office, make you an appointment, and submit for Mel Clack Fund approval. Once we have approval, in about two weeks, we will perform the eye exam and order your new glasses. It is that easy!

Print Off the Mel Clack Fund Application Here

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